A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words. I have said it many times before but it is worth repeating, your advertisement has mere moments to capture readers attention. A combination of things can help you achieve this goal but pictures capture attention even better than headlines or slogans. The Newspaper Association of America says that…

Target Your Audience

Target Your Audience. Advertising space is a premium. You are usually paying a fair amount for every inch of the advertisement that you are running whether it be online or in print. You need to make everything on that ad count. The best way to accomplish that is to decide what it is that this…

Make Me An Offer

Make Me An Offer. What is a good way to get noticed by potential and repeat customers? Give them a deal! A discount, an offer, a limited time experience, these are highly effective ways to get people to read your ad, because everyone wants to save money. Free is the most powerful word in advertising….