5 tips for creating an effective logo

1. Focus on Simplicity
While you want your logo to be eye catching and memorable putting too many flashy elements will leave it looking distracting and confusing. Don’t mistake simplicity for boring. A good logo designer can make a simple logo that fits your business and is more eye catching then a gaudy overworked idea. The best logos are simple and clean. Think Nike, Apple and FedEx as some good examples. These are some of the most memorable logos of our time, and when you really look at them, they are simplicity at its best.

2. Think About Where Your Logo Will Be Used.
Your business logo may have to be used on many items, from your website, app, and business cards to billboards, flyers and advertisements. You want your logo to be easily read and recognized in all its uses. However, you don’t want to forget to focus your design strategy on the place your logo will be most seen. For example if you are designing a logo for a new app, you want to make sure that your logo is at its best when viewed on mobile devices.

3. Research Your Color Choices Carefully
All colors elicit an emotional response in the viewer. Make sure the color you are choosing for your logo elicits the response you are looking for. It’s also a good practice to make sure that your logo is versatile. The best logos look equally as good in full color as in black and white and reverse.

4. Think about a Timeless Design
It’s best to avoid design trends when you are designing a logo. You should plan on having your logo for the lifespan of your company. While even the most ageless of logos can use an update every so often, the goal of your logo should be to make something that will endure.

5. The Best Logos Are Appropriate.
Make sure that your choice of fonts, colors and images convey the essence of your brand. And that they speak to your target audience. For example the Toys R Us logo uses primary colors and childish fonts to speak to their audience. While these are appropriate for a toy store they would not work for a lawyer.

These 5 simple tips can get your company started on the right foot.

Please keep in mind that all of these suggestions are just that. There are no hard and fast rules to good design or marketing and what works for one may not work for another. If you have any questions or need any help with your logo, please leave a comment or contact me at info@creativesparkmarketing.com

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