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Why Do I Need A Designer?

The statistics are in – design sells! In 2007, The Design Council determined that “every £100 a business spends on design increases turnover by £225”. Good design gives you a competitive edge, drives powerful marketing results, and allows you to stand out.

Print Design

Design sets you apart from the crowd. Don’t discount design as simply an aesthetic thing. Sure, it makes your content look professional, consistent, and enticing, but the reality of it goes much deeper than that. It has been suggested that as many as 65% of people are visual learners – so, people understand and grasp concepts far better when they are graphically represented.

Logo Design

Make a good first impression. Studies have shown that visual appeal can be assessed within about 50 milliseconds. In other words, your logo has to make a good impression within one twentieth of a second. Let’s make that count!


Design is much more than just the outward appearance of a business, brand, or product. It goes so much deeper, particularly when it comes to brand design. Memorable brands are created, from the logo right down to the choice of colors, and the way a memorable brand is created is through intentional and carefully chosen design decisions.

Web Design

Strong web design = consumer trust. Badly designed websites are often not read, trusted, or visited for any length of time. 94% of participants of a website study rejected a site for design-related issues, while only 6% rejected the site for content-related issues.

About Me

I am Jodi Ceason and Creative Spark Marketing is my freelance design and marketing company. I have had the “creative spark” as far back as I can remember – always wanting to concoct some new form of art. I love all kinds of creative endeavors but I never thought I could translate this passion into a career. Not until high school, when I took my first graphic design class. And just like that, I was hooked. For the last 23 years, I have been harnessing my passion and inspiration to help businesses succeed.

Jodi Ceason Designer

My Skills

Print Design 100%
Logo Design 100%
Website Advertising Design 92%
Branding 79%
Website Design 50%
Video Editing 30%
Presentation Design 50%

And I am getting
better every day…

What Our Clients Say

Don’t just take my word for it! Read what past customers have to say.


Let’s face it, when you spend money on advertising, your goal is to see measurable benefits. Whether that be getting more people into your store, getting more click throughs to your website, or getting people interested in the service you provide, you want to see results. So let’s talk about making your advertising more effective.

In this blog series I am going to show you common mistakes business make when advertising and the simple remedies that can increase your advertising success.

The Importance of Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy guarantees a positive reading experience for the consumer. This makes it important for anything that is read, including websites, articles, magazines and advertisements. When everything in your advertisement is the same size and same font and same font weight the consumer’s eye does not know where to go and their brain gets easily…

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